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Image Intensifiers & II/TV

For our packages we use PHILIPS image intensifiers and FLXIS.
Image Intensifiers were invented by Philips in 1952 and the technology has been developed and refined. Today the PHILIPS digital image intensifiers are the gold standard for performance in the healthcare industry. They provide superior image quality, higher image uniformity, effective magnetic shielding and a long lifetime.

In addition to assemblies, the FLXIS (Flexible X-ray Imaging Systems) product line offers integrated subsystems. FLXIS comprises an image intensifier, a high-resolution CCD camera, and a built-in image processing for fluoroscopy and digital exposure modes.

Product Highlights

Image Intensifier, Container, Power Supply
9"/23cm multi-mode 25mm glass output
12"/31cm multi-mode 25mm glass output
16"/38cm multi-mode 35mm glass output
Image Intensifier Assembly, CCD Camera
9"/23cm Image Intensifier Assembly 0.5k2 or 1k2 CCD-Camera
12"/31cm Image Intensifier Assembly 0.5k2 or 1k2 CCD-Camera
16"/38cm Image Intensifier Assembly 1k2 CCD-Camera
Image processing packages Other options
Fluoroscopy package Dual monitor ouput
Surgery package Extended memory
Plus package Direct control interface
Cardio / Vascular package RS 644 / DVI
Overlay package ! Not readable in document !

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